Frequently asked questions


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Computers, display, devices

Do I need a touch screen to make the Touch Reality work ?

No. The Touch Reality application can be used on Windows based computers with a mouse

Of course it can also be used and on a touch screen for a better user experience, but this is not mandatory.

The PRO package includes a touch screen with object recognition.

What are the minimum requirements ?

A computer with a gaming graphic card is required

What is the space needed for the Touch Reality Pro Package ?

The Touch Reality PRO package includes a furniture of 220x80cm.

You will need also a internet connection (RJ45 plug) and a electricity plug.

Can I buy my own PRO device ?

No. The Touch Reality PRO screen in only available (and included) in the PRO Package

Storage and security

Can I use Touch Reality without being connected to internet ?

No. You need to be connected to the cloud to have access to the tool.

You need an internet connection of minimum 5Mbits to use the Touch Reality.

Is my datas, kitchen projects, client informations secure ?

Yes. The Touch Reality is fully compliant with European GDPR rules. Your data is encrypted and cannot be used by third parties.

Also Touch Reality is 100% cloud based system. It means that nothing is sotre localy on your computer.

All the information stored in our cloud are replicated on different sites and this every minutes. So breath … we taking good care of your datas 🙂

Catalogs and accessories

Are my cabinets catalogs available ?

Yes. You can use your own catalogs in the Touch Reality. Please contact us for the full list.

I have my own production, can I add my own product ?

Yes. You can add your own products, of any types, in the Touch Reality.

Contact us for more information if you are manufacturer and wants to add your own catalog

I work with a local manufacturer, how does it works ?

Everything is possible. Contact us to see if we can help you in your specific demands

Delivery and support

Is the PRO package available in my country ?

The Touch Reality software is available worldwide.

The Touch Reality PRO package is available in Europe. Outside of Europe, please contact us.