by Kitchen Designers for Kitchen Designers

A one-of-a-kind innovative and unique experience to bring your ideas to life !


Touch Reality at a glance

Professional kitchen design tool
Save time and create a kitchen in 15 minutes
Focus on your design, thanks to our smart assistant
Real time 3D in a 4K resolution !
Fully mobile and versatile, work from everywhere
Browse through our wide range of catalogs with real manufacturers’ references

4K real time 3D Experience

Move through the space and take pictures from every angle without any wait time !

See how it works

24 sec
No wait time, real time rendering
Instagram worthy shots, take as many as you want
Extra realistic rendering, you can almost touch and feel the materials !

Enhance your design with automatic decoration system

Personalize your design by selecting your stools, lamp, wall texture and styles,…

See how it works

29 sec
Create your own colors
Time saving functionnality
Hundreds of configuration possible

A unique way of expressing your ideas

We have created the most advanced tool. Leave the technical details behind and stay focus on what really matters, your design !

Push back the limits of reality with
our premium exclusive PRO device

Object recognition

Create your kitchen with tangible customized sets of cabinet miniatures

100% Premium feel touch screen

As easy as on your smartphone, all functionalities are at the tip of your fingers

ALL IN package

Everything you need is included, computer, object recognition touch screen, cabinet miniatures and the whole furniture

We work with

Appliance selection more interacitve than ever

Filter through our wide range of catalogs and select the right appliance for your project rightaway !

See how it works

31 sec
Filters based on brands, functionnalies, prices,…
Access thousands of videos, images, medias,…
Automatic range and media updates

Export your design to Compusoft Winner

Create your project on any Touch Reality device and open it later in your Winner Design tool

See how it works

46 sec
Use Touch Reality and Winner design on the same device
1 click import !
Cloud based export aivailable

Classic design tool

Touch Reality tool

Usable only from your office computer

Portable, usable from everywhere on every devices (cloud base solution)

Average wait time per picture : 5 mins

No wait time, immediate results, move trough the space in real time

No automated assistance

Smart assistant : integrated automated assistance

Technical content creation only

Inspiring canvas to express your ideas and bring life to your designs

Some of our most liked “Time saver” functionalities

Color matching tool

With the color matching tool, you can now test dozens of colors and styles in just a few clicks.

See how it works

23 sec
Easy “copy/paste” colors function. The smart assistant is checking and only showing available possibilities
Test dozens of colors and styles in seconds, Find the right shade and apply it to any or all furnitures.
4K quality textures

Design your Worktops

From the material, the color, the thickness to the shape of your worktops. Create your bar, breakfast nook or table and its automatic home decor with a simple stretch.

See how it works

29 sec
As easy as a stretch of a finger on the screen
Smart assistance : creates automatically all the side and back panels
Configure it like you want thanks to our complete and updated catalogs of manufacturers

Interested ? A question ? Demonstration ? We’re here to help you !