What is Touch Reality ?

At Next-Tech, we create an exceptional experience for kitchen designers when carrying out their daily tasks.

Our TOUCH REALITY design tool reveals the customer’s creativity thanks to possibilities never imagined before.

We set off on a journey guided by simplicity, imagination and fun!

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Why choosing Touch Reality ?

  • Modern and Fun

    Created using the latest technologies, our multi-touch flat screen is guaranteed to attract attention wherever you are (trade fairs, exhibitions, local showrooms, etc.) It’s an incredible asset: everybody wants to feel it and have a go!

  • A unique consumer experience

    It’s fun and fast; the customer takes on the leading role in the realisation of their own kitchen, so they are always satisfied with the end result.

  • Transparent relationship

    With the customer: The prices can be individualized and displayed per item: the customer can manage their budget in real time. Never before has the customer had so much trust in their kitchen designer.

  • Fast and effective

    No need to keep working once the customer leaves the showroom! The job is done and the kitchen designer can focus on their other important tasks.

Thank you all for visiting our Touch Reality booth at MOW 2019


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